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acoustic ceilings

The acoustic qualities of a space are fundamental, both in a professional context and in a place intended for relaxation: sound reverberation leads to tiredness, impedes communication and alters the sound qualities of music. 

How it works 

The stretch ceiling membrane is about 0.2mm thick, and due to its composition will always remain in a taut position, but will never be solid. Because of this unique factor it can be used very easily to assist in the acoustic treatment of any room. This can be anywhere from simply adding ceiling rafts in random patterns to act as sound absorbers and reflectors, to adding acoustic foam absorber behind the membrane and use the gap between the ceiling membrane and the absorber to act as an air cushion, or if required the membrane can be perforated to allow sound waves to travel through the membrane unhindered to the absorbing panels behind. The quantity and size of the perforations can be varied depending on the application; 

Why use Acoustic Ceilings? 

Acoustic treatment of a room can be extremely complex; On one hand it is preferable to remove echo and high frequency reverberation as this has a tiring effect on the human body, and can cause anxiety and reduce concentration periods, but you need to be careful not to remove all the high frequency as this will create a very bland and flat environment, there needs to be a happy medium, and as with most things in life there is never one simple answer. 

Assessing the Room 

The treatment of a room very much depends on things like, how tall is the room? How big is the room? What are the walls and floors made of? Are they hard? For example ceramic tiles, or soft such as carpet, how much furniture is in the room? What is the room used for? How many people will be in the room? These are just a few considerations to think about, but your stretch ceiling experts are always on hand to guide and advise you through this minefield to achieve a perfect result every time. 


GRK Interiors Ltd have been tirelessly working with leading acoustic engineers in perfecting the acoustic treatment of spaces, we are pleased to announce we have now mastered one of the most complex areas of sound reproduction – The cinema room - We have been working with the leading manufacturers of speaker systems for use in these complex areas and have developed a cutting edge solution for perfect sound reproduction which can be equally applied to any environment. 

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