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 So, what makes a stretch ceiling so good?

 A stretch ceiling in its basic form is a suspended ceiling, but contrary to the existing types of suspended ceilings, the ceiling is stretched and secured to the perimeter of a room or space only, there are no intermediate supports and the areas that it can span can be as large as 80m2 before a joining track needs to be fitted.

The ceiling can be perfectly flat or shapes can be used to form arches curves and domes, the membrane can be used to assist in the acoustic treatment of a room, it can be used to diffuse lighting to enhance natural daylight or create stunning light effects, it can be used to assist in the prevention of the spread of bacteria and disease, it can be used to distribute conditioned air, or indeed be used as a radiant heated ceiling, the membrane can be printed on or graphics adhered to it to create a personalised ceiling, it can act as the vapour barrier in the swimming pool environment.  

In fact a stretch ceiling can be used virtually anywhere, and why stop at a ceiling, as long as a complete perimeter fixing is achieved the membrane can be used in a wall application or as a free hanging ceiling feature or acoustic deflector – The applications are endless, limited only by your imagination.





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