A stretch ceiling can be used for many situations where design is of paramount importance

Stretched Ceilings

Think of an elastic band… when it is stretched and released it returns to its original size. The difference being the stretch ceiling is in one large piece and is installed just below your original ceiling. Therefore, if you have any existing imperfections, cracks, Artex or simply ugly ceilings the stretch ceiling will completely hide them. The space that is formed between them can be very useful, if for example, you wish to run new cables, pipes etc. Normally you would have to remove floorboards from the room above or damage the original ceiling in the room, now you would simply run them in the space.

This space plays an extremely important part in ensuring ceiling perfection, it is used to help with room acoustics, this simply means how we hear conversations, T.V., Music, because the membrane is never solid and has a cushion of air behind it, the soundwave from speech T.V, or music strikes the stretch ceiling and is gently absorbed, while allowing some sound to bounce back into the room giving a calming effect, as opposed to hard surfaces, like ceramic tiles, that can create echo and sharp sounds.

If you have air handling units in your swimming pool for example This gap can be used to evenly distribute the air flow without the need for the usual grilles we see dotted all over a ceiling and talking of swimming pools, because the membrane is waterproof it will prevent humid air transferring out of the room through the ceiling, this is also called a vapour barrier.

The elastic waterproof ceiling has another useful benefit, if for example, you had a leak in the room above, the water that would normally drip through the ceiling and ruin the room below, will now simply drain into the stretch ceiling and because of the elastic effect will expand and hold a vast amount of water, this water would then simply be drained out under control, a little heat added to the room and it will return automatically to its original perfect condition.

All the ceilings are maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years the only thing you might have to do is perhaps a light wipe over the ceiling every few years.

A stretch ceiling can be installed with waves curves and arches, in fact virtually any 3D shape can be created with the clever use of the track system. You can choose translucent ceiling allowing any lighting to be installed behind it, for example colour changing LED or fixed colours and then use ceiling as a light diffuser giving stunning lighting effects. It can be printed on using special print technology and any picture can be printed on the ceiling the printed ceilings can also be back lit to enhance the stunning design

The use of stretch ceilings is really exciting because no matter what condition problem or headache your ceiling is causing a stretch ceiling will always have the answer it is a very cost effective solution that is extremely, durable very quick and clean to install and will last a lifetime  if you wish to change your mind on the colour or finish at any time it is a very simple matter of taking one membrane out and installing your new one, the track system will remain and be used for your new ceiling.

Stretched Ceilings