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The installation of stretch ceilings is done by highly trained professionals and has the following advantages

  • Simple preparatory work, fitting in a few hours
  • A dry worksite, no smells, no dust
  • No drying time required
  • Premises immediately available for use

A stretch ceiling expert will visit you at the proposed area and discus with you, how best to maximise the many benefits of a stretch ceiling. This surveyor will take precise measurements of your project to ensure a perfect fit of your new stretch ceiling, it doesn’t matter what shape your room or feature is that you require, from circles through to squares and anything in between. The measurements that will be taken will ensure an exact fit; The shapes can be enormously complex, with an unlimited number of angles and curves. Any accessories that are required in the ceiling, for example, lights, smoke detectors, projectors, alarm equipment, sprinklers etc are discussed and agreed. 


On the agreed installation day, our specially trained, polite and highly experienced stretch ceiling installers will attend and if required the installers will move and or cover and protect items of furniture etc within the work area. Items of furniture do not normally have to be removed from the room as access is only required around the perimeter Although we are fully insured, accidents can still happen, we would therefore recommend any specific item of sentimental value or hard to replace items are removed by you to a safe area. 

Track Installation

If the ceiling is a flat ceiling, a laser level will be used to ensure a perfect installation, if a shaped ceiling is to be installed the curves etc will be marked onto the wall. The track profile is secured to the wall, and in some cases, to the ceiling, using the appropriate fixing method depending on the construction of the substrate that it is being fixed too, to ensure a permanent and secure fixing. When the track installation is complete it will be thoroughly checked for security and conformity to the order, if any accessories are required, the under-construction work is carried out, this is also thoroughly checked for security and conformity. The track fitting tools will be cleared away and the area prepared for the ceiling membrane installation.

Membrane Installation

During the ceiling membrane installation phase the room will be heated to around 35° C, therefore it is essential to check anything that can be damaged by heat is either protected or if possible removed, after these thorough checks the propane gas heaters will be set up, the rooms ambient temperature will be raised to around 35°C, carefully the ceiling membrane will be unwrapped from its protective covering and gently warmed.  

The membrane is then clamped in the general area using specialist clamps, the membrane is allowed to dilate and attain its working temperature, at this point the specialist installers will commence the installation, observing very strict rules for the installation to ensure a perfect finish.

Finishing Phase

After the ceiling is completely installed to the satisfaction of the installer the heat is switched off and the ambient temperature allowed to return to normal. The heating equipment will be removed from the room and the finishing phase commenced, the finish frame will be carefully inserted to complete the neat join between the ceiling membrane and the wall, depending on the environment, a small amount of silicone sealant can be used to provide a neat and waterproof join between the wall and the system. If any accessories are required, the openings will be made in the membrane and heights adjusted as required.  

The membrane where necessary will be cleaned. All tools and protective coverings will be removed from the work area, and the room left clean and tidy. The completed ceiling will be handed over to you, the now proud owner of a Stretch ceiling system along with aftercare instructions. 

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