The stretch ceilings have an amazing ability to recover and maintain its original shape

Lighting Stretch Ceiling

During installation the membrane is heated, this allows the ceiling membrane to become very pliable and stretchy, whilst in this state the expert installers can manipulate it into amazing forms and shapes using the flexible track system and, in some cases, a little imagination. The membrane will be held in these shapes using the unique anchor system, and at the same time attempting to recover its original flat shape. The membrane can go from flat to a curve with no wrinkles or puckering of the ceiling membrane.

3D Stretch Ceiling

Understanding how the system reacts during the stretching procedure is paramount to obtaining the end desired result; obviously there are some limitations but not many. Curves, arches, domes and angle changes are all possible with the stretch ceiling system, limited mainly by your imagination. 3D shapes can be created using many supports and are being used more commonly as ceiling rafts.