The combination of a classic air conditioning system and a stretch ceiling system is a spectacular advance in terms of comfort and energy savings

By working together the air conditioning engineer and the stretch ceiling specialist can provide excellent results for a similar investment to that of a traditional system.

We can provide perfect distribution of air flow in any area, the principle is simple, the results spectacular. The whole area has a perfectly even temperature with no draughts. The production of warm or cool air is the same. It is the distribution that is the difference.

The ceiling becomes a designer’s dream, all unsightly grilles are removed from the ceiling, only a discreet return air grille must be situated somewhere in the room. There are the same power calculations, the same system, and the same energy. The air conditioning distribution has minimum impact on the air conditioning specialist role but has 2 exclusive advantages: Comfort & Savings

How It Works

The conditioned air is blown in to a plenum created by the real ceiling and the stretch ceiling, the air is allowed to fill up the plenum and gently flow to the outlet slots around the perimeter of the room allowing 2/3 of the air to gently descend down to the floor, heating up or cooling down the walls as it goes. The remaining 1/3 of cool or hot air in the plenum radiates through the whole ceiling, and finally the conditioned air mixes with the ambient temperature. The system generates an airflow that is imperceptible in the occupied room.

Air Conditioning Stretch Ceiling