DPS stretch Ceilings use LAKO tiles to create the perfect solution for renovation and re-decoration

LAKO Tiles are installed as a suspended ceiling system that is very easy to install and dismantle and allows you full access to the space in between the original ceiling and the tiles.

LAKO is a product of remarkable durability. Thanks to its unique construction each square lock in and preserves its original shape. The tiles are the answer to all those too familiar construction problems such as mould and fungus, plaster board cracks or just simple dust dropping from the original ceiling.

LAKO is available in the full DPS Stretch Ceiling colour range, they will surely amaze any client. Arrangement possibilities are unlimited. By creating colour mosaics or selecting contrasting colours you can create unique design effects.

LAKO is a modular system which gives every client a chance to choose from many different lighting systems as well as installing sprinkler system, smoke detectors or ventilation strips. It’s also possible to adjust the size of LAKO stretch ceiling to fit any given space. The tiles are impact and quake-proof. The tile is manufactured out of top-quality PVC membrane which complies with all European standards. The tile has the B,s2-d0 classification and is a product of top aesthetic and hygienic standards.