A stretch ceiling is ideal for treating office environments

It doesn’t matter how small or how grand your office it, it is a place where you probably spend a considerable amount of time in, because of this fact you need the ambience to be just right, there is nothing worse than a dimly lit office or one that has really poor acoustics, just imagine a call centre where all day long there are echoey voices and noise.

A stretch ceiling is ideal for treating these types of environments, and they are made to measure so no matter what size and shape the space is, rest assured we have the answer. The acoustics are easily treated due to the stretch ceiling never being solid the reverberation of sound (the bit that gives the echo) can be drastically reduced, by the ceiling alone, or we can perforate the ceiling from micro perforations (like a Tea bag) to any sized perforations to treat the problem, sound absorbers can also be added behind the ceiling to assist further.

Lighting is easily taken care of as well, from the beautiful backlit ceiling to the installation of down lighters, in fact any lighting that you desire can be incorporated into the ceiling design very easily and neatly. If you have wall lighting, we can use a white matt ceiling to spread the light for you giving perfect results every time.

Larger organisations usually have a lovely board room for those important meeting and they are usually decorated to impress clients and competitors alike, with a stretch ceiling you can really ramp up the ‘WOW’ factor, using backlighting or a carefully sculptured ceiling raft centre piece, you can add printing to the ceiling to perhaps add your company LOGO or your favourite picture, the possibilities are endless, give us a call to discuss your project… you wont be disappointed.