Our stretch ceilings are your No 1 choice when it comes to your swimming pool or spa area, or indeed any of your leisure areas.

There are many major benefits when using a stretch ceiling in your leisure area:

  • Maintenance Free – All our ceilings are virtually maintenance free, they do not require any decoration and will not flake, peel or crack
  • Long service life – All our ceilings have our manufacturers guarantee of 10 years against failure and defects
  • Major acoustic advantage – Swimming pools by there very nature are large echo chambers due to the many hard surfaces and large volume areas, your stretch ceiling will greatly assist in removing some of the sound reverberation (Echo)
  • Certified Vapour Barrier – All our ceilings are a certified vapour barrier for your peace of mind.
  • Perfect Integration – all your accessories can be incorporated in the ceiling system such as lights, sprinklers cameras, fibre optic lighting, perimeter lighting etc
  • Environmentally friendly – The stretch ceiling system is completely recyclable through standard channels at the end of its service life, it is hygienic and completely non-toxic
  • Easy installation – The ceiling system is made to measure off site reducing installation time and wastage, the individual sheets can span areas up to 60 m2 without any intermediate supports, larger areas are easily accommodated by the clever use of the system joining profile, making the area to be covered virtually limitless.