Flexible Stretch Ceilings that assist the acoustic of your room

Home cinemas are an excellent relaxing area, but unless done properly can be an acoustic nightmare, a great surround sound system only goes part-way to achieving cinema-like sound quality. The rest comes down to the acoustics of the room.

Sound travels from a speaker, in what’s referred to as a sound wave, this sound wave bounces off the walls, floor, ceiling and room furnishings on the way to your ear, if too much of the soundwave can bounce back you will get a sharp echo type sound, conversely too little creates an unpleasant artificial flat sound.

Stretch ceilings can go a long way in assisting with the acoustic of your room. Stretch ceilings remain flexible after they are installed, just like elastic, so when the sound wave strikes the ceiling, some of the sound wave is absorbed and some bounces back to assist in reducing the sharp echo effect of a room.

Your sound engineer is the expert when it comes to acoustics in this environment and they might suggest different types and densities of sound absorbers and to be placed in different locations on both the walls and ceiling, most of these absorbers are functional and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, this is no problem when using stretch ceilings, as they can simply cover up the absorbers, and to ensure that the sound reproduction required is adhered to, we can install perforated ceilings, that range from micro-perforations to large visible perforations.

The Stretch ceiling can be used for your lighting scheme, from perimeter LED lighting that can give a stunning wall wash effect, right through to a luxurious night sky effect using a modern LED fibre optic system.

You can incorporate your lighting design with a beautiful printed ceiling in your favourite design to make the room truly yours.

Stretch ceiling come in many colours and finishes, but in the cinema room we would strongly recommend keeping to a matt finished ceiling, to avoid unwanted reflections.