Beautiful stretch ceilings to enhance your Kitchen & Bathroom

Do you ever find yourself laying in the bath after a long day looking up at the ceiling only to see mould spots, cracks or tired ceilings, it’s because over time with the shower and bath your room gets all steamy, water droplets start to form on the ceiling over time this causes the mould, really frustrated because you have beautiful tiled walls, top of the range bath, shower, sink and toilet and this boring ceiling, so what can we do?

Do you stand in your kitchen with your beautiful top of the range units and lovely granite worktops surrounding you while you are cooking that lovely tea only to realise the ceiling isn’t looking its best, it’s boring it doesn’t have style, it’s the same as everyone else’s it doesn’t complement the beautiful kitchen you have? This happens to everyone with a conventional ceiling, so what can we do?

Now imagine having a beautiful stretch ceiling to enhance your room, no more painting, no more cracks, no more mould or flaky paint, maybe you have Artex you no longer like but don’t want the mess of getting rid of it.

There is a huge choice of design and colour options available, from a perfectly flat matt ceiling for the more traditional look, move up to the modern gloss, highly reflective ceiling for the ‘WOW’ effect. Anything’s possible!! Just use your imagination…. And let it run wild… then we will help you realise your dream!!