A beautiful stretch ceiling will enhance your lounge & dining rooms

The time has come to decorate your lounge or dining room, you want to bring the rooms right up to date, you have chosen the paint colour, the wallpaper you want, your new carpet or floor covering, you have even picked the accessories you want to use , then you look up, what will you do with the ceiling ?, what choice do you have? You can paint it, like we have always done, or you can…… yes right the choice is limited…. Until now.

Now imagine having a beautiful stretch ceiling to enhance your room, no more painting, no more cracks or flaky paint, maybe you have Artex you no longer like but don’t want the mess of getting rid of it.

There is a huge choice of design and colour options available, from a perfectly flat matt ceiling for the more traditional look, move up to the modern gloss, highly reflective ceiling for the ‘WOW’ effect…… and have you ever thought about adding some waves, curves and shapes to your ceiling for that additional dramatic effect.

Fibre optic lighting can be added for that starry night ceiling, perimeter LED lighting can be used to wash light down the walls, or print the ceiling to add, for example a woodland scene or even the LOGO of your favourite football team……. Anything’s possible!! Just use your imagination…. And let it run wild… then we will help you realise your dream!!