Stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for your swimming pool.

They are incredibly strong, waterproof, ideal for the humid, moisture heavy environment of an indoor swimming pool.

There is a huge choice of design and colour options available, from a perfectly flat matt ceiling for the more traditional look, move up to the modern gloss, highly reflective ceiling for the ‘WOW’ effect…… and have you ever thought about adding some waves, curves and shapes to your ceiling for that additional dramatic effect.

Fibre optic lighting can be added for that starry night ceiling, perimeter LED lighting can be used to wash light down the walls, or to emphasise the outline of your pool, even add mood lighting above your spa area or print the ceiling to add anything from clouds to a tropical beach scene – or even the LOGO of your favourite football team……. Anything’s possible!! Just use your imagination…. And let it run wild… then we will help you realise your dream!!

From a practical point of view – forget condensation, forget flaking paint, forget cracking ceilings or even worse… mould, none of that happens when you have a stretch ceiling installed, and you have the added bonus that your stretch ceiling is also your vapour barrier and is guaranteed for 10-years.

Swimming pools can have acoustic issues because of the hard surfaces normally used in their construction, when you use a stretch ceiling, these greatly assist in reducing the echo effect normally associated with these areas, the ceilings always remain flexible and therefore absorb some of the energy from the sound waves giving you a beautiful relaxing space.

You can also use your stretch ceiling to maximise the benefit of your ducted air handling unit, use the ceiling to distribute the air and lose the unsightly grilles in the ceiling.