Our translucent ceilings offer an amazing light diffuser allowing up to 80% light transmission.

You can choose virtually any light source to back light your ceiling or wall from natural daylight, LED Tape or fluorescent tubes.

With clever use of modern-day lighting controls available today, virtually any colour can be achieved, colour changing or moving light right up to pictures and text that can scroll or dance across the surface, the stretch ceiling acts as the perfect diffuser for any application, creating wonderful relaxing mood lighting right through to specific task lighting.

Our Stretch Ceilings are designed to be maintenance free and have an amazing long lifespan - we guarantee them for 10 years – the ceilings can be removed and assembled easily, or if frequent access is required we can design them to be drop down or lift out panels

We also offer a unique ceiling system called Wall 2 Wall (W2W), which is designed to give a virtually gap free edge, and to be installed and removed without the use of specialist tools, ideal if you want frequent access.

Our extensive knowledge of our stretch ceilings allows us to create the perfect light results you require, we have access to some of the top lighting designers and product suppliers to give unrivalled results every time.

You dream it we’ll create it.