Fibre Optic Lighting opens a world of possibilities for designers, architects and homeowners.

You can choose from white twinkling stars, to a full range of twinkling colours, we use different diameters of fibre to give that illusion of near and far stars. Choose a static colour, or gently scroll through the colour palette to give a wonderfully relaxing ambiance. All the light projectors we use are DMX compatible which allows perfect integration to your own home automation system.

A fibre optic ceiling creates an amazing sensory experience with its ever-changing stars.

We only use professional grade optical fibre together with energy-efficient LED light sources for your total peace of mind.

Fibre Optic Lighting carries no heat or electricity so it's suitable for use in wet areas. The light source can be in another room many metres away from where the illumination is required to ensure perfect integration with your environment.