GRK Interiors Partner Programme

Delivering value through, and to, our partners

When you win, we win. GRK Interiors' partners play an integral role in our go-to-market strategy and overall success. Our partner programme offers competitive benefits that allow partners to increase their expertise and sell and deliver stretch ceiling solutions to residential and commercial clients.

Why Partner with GRK Interiors

Realise your growth potential, work more efficiently, and increase profitability through our 4 pillars of success:

Enable partner diversification - We can help you diversify your business by seizing opportunities to expand into new markets, using the following:

  • Market Sizing & Segmentation
  • New Market Opportunities

Build stronger collaborations - Dedicated account management and support specialists will share content, knowledge, training and insights, working with you to define mutual goals and build better business together:

  • Joint Business Planning
  • GRK Interiors Corporate Discounts
  • GRK Interiors Partner Portal
  • Partner Learning Hub
  • Partner Events & Forums

Market to expand - We will help you accelerate your marketing and sales activities, stand out from the competition and drive demand through the following resources:

  • GRK Interiors GROWTH System (powered by ActionCOACH)
  • Marketing & Business Generation Expertise

Win with sales - We can help you win more opportunities, maximise your sales and increase your win rate, using the following tools:

  • Sales Support
  • Partner Sales Training

In addition, GRK Interiors can help you reduce your admin so you can stay focused on your goals. We’ll use the following tools to enable you to do this:

  • Service Helpdesk
  • Installation Training Programme

Partner Categories

Our new Programme has been designed to provide you with a clearly structured journey which supports growth, benefits that recognise and reward your achievement and expertise, and the focus and visibility to measure your success.


There are 4 distinct partner categories in the GRK Interiors Partner Programme:


Specifier partners are experienced individuals or professional practices who are trained to analyse and advise prospects in order to help them make the best possible choices regarding stretch ceiling and wall solutions. Specifier partners receive technical training and support from GRK Interiors to help them recommend appropriate Stretch Ceiling and Wall solutions to their clients.


Resellers extend GRK Interiors’ coverage across market segments and drive indirect revenue through deal registrations, and lead sharing. They resell GRK Interiors’ stretch ceilings and walls as standalone solutions and/or integrate the stretch ceiling products with their own products in order to provide customers with world-class solutions.

Value Added Resellers (VAR)

Value-Added Resellers are experts who have integrated their solutions with GRK Interiors Stretch Ceiling solutions and/or re-market GRK Interiors Stretch Ceiling solutions. GRK Interiors VAR’s commit significant time and resources to train their staff to sell and deliver Stretch Ceiling and Wall solutions from GRK Interiors.


Accredited Installers

Accredited Installers provide customers with specific design and/or installation services. Accredited Installer partners are primarily local or regional companies who provide installation-related services. They are required to maintain a team of 2 or more installers who are fully trained and proficient with GRK Interiors Stretch Ceiling and Wall solutions.

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