Our stretch ceilings are hygienic, non-flammable, removable, washable and 100% airtight.

The material is anti-static, so it does not attract dust. Stretch ceilings are entirely maintenance free and are provided with a 10-year guarantee. The ceilings are therefore ideal for a wide variety of applications for all rooms within the home, including indoor swimming pools.

Beautiful Aesthetics

  • An exceptional choice of colours and finishes
  • Creation of horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces
  • Creation of curves and volumes
  • Creative mastery of lighting effects: diffusion, depth, reflections…
  • Adaptable to all styles of architecture
  • Optimum tension for a matchless, perfectly flat surface
  • Integration of lighting and other accessories
  • Discreet concealment of pipes and cables, whilst maintaining ease of access


  • Improvement of temperature comfort by means of an insulating cushion of air
  • Excellent results when combined with thermal insulation
  • Improved acoustic comfort, a warm, protected atmosphere
  • Creation of high acoustic quality space with perforated stretch ceilings
  • Visual comfort, an impression of greater space, a feeling of well-being
  • Dust-tight


  • Patented removable locking system
  • Possibility of adding lighting points, air vents, detectors, etc
  • Access to all pre-existing pipes and cables
  • Pipes and cables can be added without any finishing work
  • Easy to put up and take down

Resistant and Durable

  • Good mechanical strength - absorbs impacts
  • Automatic return to initial shape and tension
  • Damp and steam proof, perfect for humid environments
  • Watertight, provides protection in case of flooding
  • Fire behaviour classification for public places B-s1,d0 and B-s2,d0
  • 10-year Guarantee, in accordance with general terms of sale
  • Washable with specific cleaning agents
  • Very good ageing qualities in terms of appearance
  • Very good temperature stability
  • Batch tracking - in accordance with EN14716 and European legislation

Environmentally Friendly

  • Stretch ceiling and tracks are 100% recyclable, using existing routes
  • Non-toxic materials, in compliance with international standards
  • Long service life, low transport costs, low-energy manufacturing process
  • No paint, no maintenance
  • Guaranteed free of heavy metals, in compliance with CE standards - EN14716
  • Washable with water

Ideal for new build and renovation work

  • Masks all imperfections in pre-existing ceilings: cracks, pipes, cables…
  • No risk of cracking
  • No demolition works
  • Return to a perfect surface
  • Improved acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Rapid installation with no removals necessary
  • No wet trades, drying times or offensive odours