The installation of stretch ceilings is done by highly trained professionals and has the following advantages

  • Simple preparatory work, fitting in a few hours
  • A dry worksite, no smells, no dust
  • No drying time required
  • Premises immediately available for use

A stretch ceiling expert will visit you at the proposed area and discus with you, how best to maximise the many benefits of a stretch ceiling. This surveyor will take precise measurements of your project to ensure a perfect fit of your new stretch ceiling, it doesn’t matter what shape your room or feature is that you require, from circles through to squares and anything in between. The measurements that will be taken will ensure an exact fit; The shapes can be enormously complex, with an unlimited number of angles and curves. Any accessories that are required in the ceiling, for example, lights, smoke detectors, projectors, alarm equipment, sprinklers etc are discussed and agreed.